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“Let food be the medicine, and let medicine be the food”.

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Healthy recipes tailored to your needs, approved by nutritionists

A recipe app for people with various ailments: food allergies, intolerances, special diets, for those who want to take care of their health, people who lead a healthy lifestyle.

It gives users access to healthy recipes suitable for their needs and knowledge about natural remedies, supplements, and self-care.


Based on conducted interview with 4 people and obtained responses, I noticed a need among the respondents for recipe apps with healthy recipes approved by nutritionists, promotion of healthy lifestyles, recipes adapted to food intolerances, knowledge related to supplements and natural remedies.


Creating a responsive app that offers:

- Recipes dedicated to people with food intolerances and special diets
- Recipes grouped in subcategories based on the type of meal
- Subcategory of healthy, quick recipes for busy people
- Category with recommended supplements with knowledge about them with links to stores where they can be bought
- Category with natural healing methods
- Category about superfoods
- Recipes that are approved by nutritionists
- Possibility to create a list with favorite recipes
- No need to create an account to use the application
- Simple and pleasant navigation
- Ability to search for a recipe by ingredient


UI Designer
UX Designer


08./09. 2021



The project was created as part of the CareerFoundry’s UI Design course.



Hand-drawn sketching



​To create the persona I used the answers I got from the interview with potential users of the application. Each of the 3 personas I created had a photo selected to match their character.


I created inspired by nature, an expressive, refreshing and energetic mood board. It is meant to encourage people to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. Natural colors with a neon green accent make it work.

Style guide WellFed.png


To create the style guide I went with my mood board. First I created a color palette based on the mood board colors. Then I chose the right font, designed buttons, icons and UI elements. The style guide was complemented with carefully selected images.

style guide.png


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